Global Standard Training Center Professional (GSTC PRO)

Take the opportunity to start you carreer in the growing cruise and river ship industry

Global Standard Training Center Professional (GSTC PRO) has been created in 2017 with the idea to place the foundation and to establish the standard of selection, teaching and development of a large number of young perspective well educated motivated professionals in different directions of the hospitality industry.

The management team behind GSTC PRO have more than 26 years of experience in this sector and have connections with professionals, who have long experience on board cruise and river ships. This allowed us to create programmes, which meet the market’s need specifically for you.

We have a motivated and well-trained team with deep understanding of the market and expertise in the selection process. We are not restricted to a certain location since we have branch offices and representatives in various locations.


GSTC PRO is founded and based on our deep relations with all academic colleges in the East European region. During the past years we created many sub-contractor offices and organized hundreds of interviews in many countries, where we established teams specialized in talent hunting.

The courses with vary in length, usually it is going to be between several weeks and up to 3 months depending on the student’s experience, position, department and/or the program specification, declared by the ship owner or operator. The teaching happens in our training centre in Varna, Bulgaria, where preliminary selected candidates are taught according to the standards and the rules of the ship life set by the leading companies in the industry. That way trainees will easily integrate into a different environment, get used to the working atmosphere, meet some of their future colleagues and become a new particle of this amazing industry.

We train candidates for all deparments - front desk, housekeeping, food and beverage, galley, spa and beauty and nautical. Everyone is welcomed, the only requirement is motivation to work on board cruise and/or river ships. After successfull completion of our programme even candidates without any experience will get a job onboard with one of our partners.


We provide the only programme taught by leading indsustry professionals guaranteeing a job on board cruise and river ships on successful completion
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Training Excellence

Our strong relations with the hospitality and maritime sectors, universities, and academies allow us to bring industry leaders with large experience of working on board cruise and river ships, who would give you a head start in your career.

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Quality & Speed

High quality, speed and precision of the offered manning & crewing services to every applicant regadless of their nationality and location. We have established connections with the biggest companies to ensure we can provide you with the best jobs on board cruise and river ships.

Partnerships with the best

Well-known representative and hiring partner of all of the biggest cruise and river ship owners and operators. The programmes are aligned to the industry standards and are supervised by the cruise companies, which will offer successful candidates jobs on board.

Training Facilities

We have one of the most modern kitchen equipment on the Balkans aimed at training candidates who want to join the galley department on board cruise and river ships


The only training programmes for ship personnel designed in cooperation with academic institutions and ship owners/operators

Learn from the best

All of our teachers and instructors have had a vast experience on board cruise and river ships and are well-known within the ship industry. They will mentor all trainees and give them tips, such as how to be successful with your new job on board, how to make a great first impression and how to make the most of working on board.

Work for the best

You will have the opportunity to work for the best cruise and river ship owners and operatiors in the world once you complete our training courses. We will aim to negotiate the best possible conditions for your new contract and provide you with a job on board that wil kick-start your career.