Application Process

  • account registration

    Account Registration

    Firstly, candidates need to register and provide their required documents, diplomas, passport/id cards and reference letters. Then, candidates will be able to choose an available course, which they want to take.

  • course application

    Course Application

    Registered candidates are able to browse a list of available course and choose the ones they want to apply for. Once they have decided ona course they need to fill an application form and complete an online test.

  • application offer

    Training Programme Offer

    After our HR Specialist assess the applications, candidates who fullfill the requirements for the specific course and have successfully completed the online test will be offered a place on our training programme.

  • completion of programme

    Completion of the Training Programme

    After successful completion of the training program the candidate will be put forward to cruise line employers for employment onboard.

  • job contract offer

    Job Contract

    Candidates will receive a job contract from our partnering ship owners and operators and will start their career in the ship industry.