Frequently Asked Questions

How do you apply?

First you need to register and provide all required documents (diploma, passport/ID documents, reference letters and etc.) and chose and available course you want to take. After your application is assessed by the HR Specialists you will need to pass an online test. After successful completion of the online test, you will be welcomed in the training program. Once the training program is successfully completed you will be put forward to the cruise line employers for employment onboard.

We expect you to have minimum of one year of work experience in a restaurant, hotel or even a ship. Graduates from culinary or hospitality colleges without work experience are welcome. You need to be at least 18 years old. Good in English is a must, however, if candidates feel they need to improve their language skills, we can provide additional training.

How are your studies set up?

Once you are admitted and before you start the actual studies on board you will get more information about the modules of your chosen programme and you will be allocated a mentor who will be with you throughout the training. The pack you receive prior to your course start date is has to be studied before coming to start your training.

The focus is on practical and language training whether you are in Reception, F&B Service or the Galley. Every candidate will engage in group activities and will learn how to behave in a professional environment. We train you in the daily routines onboard both River and Ocean Cruises in our center, which is equipped with everything to effectively simulate onboard working conditions.

What happens after your studies?

After successful completion of the studies your performance results from the practical sessions and the individual examination plus a feedback of your mentor will be assessed by our experienced Manning Recruiting Agents who will pass your details to your partnering companies. The agent will thereafter supply you with all relevant information and will present you job offers as soon as they are available. Remember that this training makes you unique and you will be the preferred choice by the Clients among all the other regular applicants, who applied without any previous experience onboard!

What can you do in your spare time?

The spare time is yours to spend in the way you prefer. You would be able to explore Varna, which has a vibrant nightlife and a great variety of restaurants with your course mates. Clubbing and partying and staying until late at the bar is allow, but remember that you have to report to the training on time and that absenteeism or coming late to the training will render you a warning after which you may be expelled if repeated. In the ship industry crewmembers must be professional and punctual, thus any inappropriate behavior and/or coming late for classes will not be tolerated.

How much does it cost?

The length of the training needed depends on your professional and language skills (2, 3, 4 weeks). The food and accommodation cost are included in the total price of the programme. However, for students how live close by, have relatives and/or want to organize their accommodation by themselves we can tailor the course price accordingly. Based on the student’s financial situation we offer deferred payment or taking a loan from one of the banks in Bulgaria we partner with. Costs and prices are calculated individually for each student based on the position they are applying for, education level, previous experience. Candidates who have finished the training programme will receive a job offer onboard. After a successful completion of the first job contract that we have offered, the student will be refunded the food and/or accommodation expenses.

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