Five reasons why you should consider working on board Virgin Voyages

12 October 2019

Captain Wendy Williams looking at the Scarlet Lady's model at the Virgin Voyages offices

1. Everyone is welcomed

The extravagant Sir Richard Branson, who always aims to push boundaries, is aiming to revolutionize the cruising industry with his new venture Virgin Voyages. An industry that has become famous for rich and pretentious elderly guests, who wish to be served by conservatively dresses and groomed staff members. The so called “professional look” has prevented many candidates with tattoos and piercing from getting a job with one of the top cruise liners. Virgin Voyages want to show that everyone has a chance as long as they are motivated and have the right set of skills. People from all over the world will be given the opportunity to showcase their skills regardless of funky hair styles, large colorful tattoos and body piercing. Richard Branson wants the crew to have a totally new feeling at sea and showcase their “Rockstar’ personality.

Virgin Voyages are also breaking certain stereotypes that still prevail in our society. There are still people who associate a particular positions such as ship captain as a man’s job. To prove critics wrong Virgin Group Founder Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Voyages President and CEO Tom McAlpin announced the appointment of Captain Wendy Williams as Master of Scarlet Lady. She is the first Canadian woman to captain a large luxury cruise ship.

Captain Wendy Williams looking at the Scarlet Lady's model at the Virgin Voyages offices

The Master of Scarlet Lady is Virgin Voyages’ first ever ship and as you can see in the photo above Captain Williams cannot wait to step inside that beautiful ship. The ship has the well know white and red colors that everybody associates Virgin Group with and will be a place for adults at all ages, who are young at heart, to have a good time.

2. Brand new ships

The Scarlet Lady is the first of a group of four brand new ships, which cruises will be privileged to enjoy. It is quite unusual for a ship’s interior to be designed by multiple professionals, but is aiming to provide more diversity and a unique experience for guests. The Scarlet Lady has mostly balcony and ocean view cabins and carries 2,700 plus passengers. It is an absolute must for people, who are already working in the industry to get a job on board Virgin’s ships and see how they differ from traditional cruise ships.

The Scarlet Lady is going sail from Miami port in 2020, but the other three ships are slated to make their official debut in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Sir Richard Branson wants his guests to have a great time on board thus the Scarlet Lady is going to have many bars, lounges, entertainment venues and a special lineup. One of the celebrities that has partnered with Virgin Voyages is the Grammy, Oscar and Golden Globe winning producer and artist Mark Ronson. He is going to prepare a special shows for guests on board and be involved in the performances at the cruise line’s private Beach Club Bimini.

3. Investing in employees

Sir Richard Branson is well known for putting his employees first and making sure they have everything they need to perform at their best. Employees are the most important business asset since they provide services to customers and are the face of the company. The saying goes make sure you have happy employees to have happy customers.

Virgin Voyages plans to shake up the industry by surveying ship crew members in order to deliver the best possible experience. The survey includes things such as the contract lengths, room arrangements, internet access, food quality, wages and more. Some people might say that this is very similar to the cards crew members receive at the end of their contract. That might be true to some extent, but Virgin Voyages are a fresh player, who enters into a huge market and wants to make it right for his employees on board from the get go.

The cruise lines is trying to appeal to a whole new generation with its 'new age' casual looking uniforms. They are a work of art aiming to push the boundaries and make Virgin stand out from any other company in the sector. In addition, Virgin wants to make crew members feel comfortable while doing their daily tasks on board. The attire has been disined by the cutting edge British fashion designer Gareth Pugh and it features a series of surpirsing touches combined with some traditional nautical elements.

In case you are still not convinced, Virgin Voyages’ CEO Tom McAlpin, who rose to fame as a founding manager in Disney Cruises and was behind the planning of their first two ships, recently said:

“We're going to recruit the best, we're going to invest in them with the best training”

You can read more about what makes Virgin Voyages outshine the mainstream cruise lines according to Tom McAlpin here.

4. Environment friendly

The company’s brand new ships are using state of the art technology to reduce the fuel demand. According to Virgin Voyages roughly 60% of their fuel consumption is for propulsion while the rest powers onboard operations. The efficiency comes from the sensors with which each cabin is equipped. Everything is done automatically – closing window curtains, turning lights on and off, room temperature management, etc. In addition, there is induction technology cook stoves and on the demand ventilation in the galleys. Not to mention the optimized HVAC systems, LED lighting, and the real-time energy measurement aiming to use energy in a smart way throughout the ship.

Virgin Voyages is also leading the pack in the pack against plastic. It is one of the first big companies in the cruise sector to ban single-use plastics. The cruise line has committed to provide plastic-free products and deliver a Tree-Free™ experience with disposable paper products onboard. This incredible initiative would not have been possible without the involvement of Emerald Brands, which has a mission to protect life on our planet and combat climate change.

5. Make great friends and travel the world

Life on board can be a very exciting – being part of a dynamic environment, meeting new people from all over the globe and traveling to different destinations. All of this can give you a different perspective of life and enrich your knowledge. You can meet people from different cultures, share unforgettable memories and make great friendships. Although working on board can be demanding and even challenging for some, it is something that everyone should experience and now is the perfect time to grab that opportunity the join the Virgin crew.

Virgin’s Scarlet Lady has various destinations included in his maiden route. It offers sailing from Miami to the Caribbean with calls at destinations such as Costa Maya and Cozumel/Playa del Carmen in Mexico, KeyWest, Puerto del Plata and San Juan. All sailings include a stop at The Beach Club at Bimini. The Beach Club at Bimini is the gorgeous private beach club on the historic island of Bimini.

And if that isn’t enough for you, we have to tell you that Virgin Voyages’s ships are the only place where you can try the cruise line’s exclusive beer, made into a reality thanks to the partnership with Wynwood Brewing.

What to work on board? What to join Virgin Voyages in their journey to revolutionize the cruising sector? You are wondering what positions are they looking for?

Here is a list of the departments on board:

Don’t hesitate and apply for job on board. You can learn more about Virgin Voyages on their website: