Front Desk Department

Students will learn about the history and development of the cruise industry and the reasons for its success alongside with the special features, facilities and target markets of key brands and an insight into the safety and security standards of modern cruise ships. Moreover, differences in the way of life, shipboard culture, the discipline of working at sea, the facilities available to the crew and the employment opportunities available in the industry are also covered in the course.

The course teaches the essential skills, attributes and work ethics needed to be successful in today hospitality industry and how they impact the provision of outstanding guest service. The focus is on administration, accounting and purser positions onboard with an in-depth review of each department position, their purpose and functions. The organization and effective operation of the front office is also taught - how to maintain expected service standards, resolve customer issues and provide exemplary guest service.

The course offers specialization in the role of accounting onboard and introduces the close relation between shipboard and shore side financial systems and procedures. It is important for students to learn about the various ways and means of generating revenues on cruise ships, with special attention to the handling of shore excursions in order to enhance guests’ visits in port.

For a successful career in the cruise industry it is essential to be able to demonstrate acquaintance with the fundamental aspects of cruise ship operation as well as the skills required to ensure guest satisfaction while maintaining a cost-effective performance.

Programme Details

  • Introduction to the cruise line industry.
  • Living and working on board cruise ships.
  • Dealing with the guests.
  • Administration, accounting and purser office organization.
  • The front office.
  • Ship clearance - Customs & Immigration formalities.
  • Shipboard accounting and financial procedures.
  • Crew administration.
  • Onboard revenues - Shore excursions.



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