Housekeeping Department

Hospitality, as a concept, can be defined as follows: A set of activities for the production and realization of a specific product satisfying the physiological, social and spiritual needs of people traveling and temporarily residing outside their domicile.

Hospitality is associated with the creation of a certain coziness, atmosphere, comfort and security that the owner offers to his guest, so that the visitor can feel the welcoming and respectful at the host's home.

The preparation of a hotel for seasonal exploitation is a complex and labor-intensive process as well as the process of its closure after the season. The selection and training of seasonal staff also requires a lot of time and effort, as well as many other activities such as: ongoing repairs and maintenance of technical facilities and systems, preservation and preservation of property, etc. Thus, the organization, technologies, and the working regime of the hotel service will be studied in greater detail.

Students will practise meeting guests learn how to create a good first impression. When creating a first impression the most important are the first two minutes of contact look, smile, body posture, clothing, flawless appearance.

Programme Details

  • Introduction to the cruise line industry.
  • Living and working on board cruise ships.
  • Managing quality services.
  • Sanitation and personal hygiene.
  • Identifification of the essential shipboard housekeeping operation areas and distinguish between their different objectivesobjectives.
  • Understanding of the implementation of standard operation procedures through discussions and observation.
  • Familiarization with housekeeping equipment, maintenance and correct use.
  • Comprehensive description of the requirements to become a successful housekeeping staff member.
  • Identification of the essential cleaning guidelines and chemical handling.
  • Understanding of the key role of housekeeping staff in ensuring guest satisfaction.
  • Familiarizаtion with the complexity of shipboard housekeeping facilities.
  • Description of the typical passenger and crew accommodation and their maintenance.
  • Discussion of the process of embarkation day, the most demanding of the housekeeping staff.


Stateroom Steward/ess / Cabin Steward/ess

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